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Welcome to the website for Murathan Paksoy's consulting group. Our work focuses on structural design and seismic engineering consulting services. The principle and collaborators of our firm are registered Structural Engineers in Turkey, Italy and UK. In the last decade, our team has been involved in the design of tall buildings, bridges and viaducts, seismic damper and isolation devices. Our team provides full evaluation services to assess th seismic risk of existing or proposed structures for investors, buyers and developers. Our goal is to describe the performance of their structures during earthquakes in the most meaningful way to our clients.


Ing. Paksoy is founder of Murathan Paksoy Consulting. He has worked for almost a decade as a researcher and practice engineer to advance in structural engineering profession. 

He has experience in both in situ reinforced-concrete and steel design and contributed to the development of several in-house design programs. He worked in several countries including Russia, Italy and Usa for more than 6 years. He is active in various research projects related to nonlinear analysis, performance based engineering, ground motion variability and seismic loss assessment.


Currently, he is open to your projects to make them better.



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structural engineering & concept development

structural design checks & peer review

seismic risk analysis & evaluations

seismic assessments & retrofitting

seismic isolation & damping device design

structural health monitoring

development of new engineering tools

Brebemi Highway Bridges, ITALY Isozaki Tower, ITALY Cagliari Light Rail Viaduct, ITALY Power Plant Project, BRAZIL Imperia Police Headquarter, ITALY
Eurasia Tower, RUSSIA Castellaro and Mallare Viaducts, Italy


Ovadan Depe, Turkmenistan Sheremetyevo
International Airport, RUSSIA Fermo Medical Center, ITALY
Eskisehir-Antalya HSR Infrastructures, TURKEY
Casa Depositi, Italy
Merzifon Gerede, Turkey
Torre Piemonte, Italy Termoia, Italy